The Reason

I abandoned my old blog.

That is the reason why I created this new one. The thing is, I abandoned it not because I am the kind of person who ditches things when I get bored. I just kinda lost the vibe to write. And I know why.

Most of my posts were written when I was sad. I realized this a long time ago. I always feel the urge to write when my heart is broken. Maybe because it is all too much to be kept alone. And maybe because I find no one I trust enough to share it with. So I write.

Now, I feel like writing again. Not because my heart is broken again, but simply because a lot of things are going on inside my head and it is starting to make a mess with my brain. Therefore, I need to take some of them out, so I could organize and examine these thoughts later on. I was thinking about finding a Pensieve so that I can take out the memory I like of my brain and put it in there. But no one really knows how to get to the magic world, or to hook me up with Harry Potter so that he could hook me up with Dumbledore who might know where I can purchase a Pensieve identical to his… So… I decided to put it in a blog–instead of a Pensieve. (For those who don’t understand what I am talking about, just google it. If you still don’t find any sense in any words I said, it means you’re lost.)


I truly hope that I will not abandon this blog again. I truly hope that I will keep this blog updated as often as possible.

But I also realize that to produce a good writing, we need to do it with our heart. That way we hope that we’ve done our best to keep the readers on their seats.

I may not always have the heart to write everyday, so there could be a long gap between my future posts. I hope you understand. I just don’t want to rush and end up with an often-updated blog with a trashy posts.

Well, then.

Hope to see you soon.


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