I used to take this word for granted.

But then I came to realize, this word has more than what meets the eye.

For me, hope is one of the most important things people should have in life. Hope makes people keep living.

Why else would human want to live on earth if they don’t have a little hope–any kind of hope–of what might come at the end of the road?

We’re living in this world pretty much blindly. We don’t know why we’re born to this earth, let alone understand how the universe works. At some point, we will realize that we’re living in a very random and cruel world. Like a boat without a captain in the sea, we’re thrown nowhere and we’ve got no power to fight against waves that strong. We can only hope that someday the tide will die down and everything is going to be okay.

Hope keeps us alive.


Not all people have hope. Some just don’t know anything about hope. Some just forget what hope is.

In both situations, people start to not give a damn with life.  I’m not blaming them, or anybody else for that situation. The world is just so cruel that sometimes… you just want to give up.

Seems like we can do nothing. But we can do something actually.

We’re the ones who know what hope is. Or at least we’re the ones who still have a tiny memory about feeling hopeful. If all they need is hope, let’s give them.

We just need to tell them, that there’s still hope…


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