For you, who showed me pain.


People told me to run away from you.
But, no.
I chose to believe in you.
I could leave and keep my heart whole.
But, no.
I had faith in you.
Then you left.
Just like that.

Why did you take me so high, only to let me fall hard?
Didn’t you know that this heart was once broken?
And it took so much to mend it,
just to figured out that it would be broken again in the end.

You showed me how beautiful true love is.
Then you showed me the most painful that a broken heart could be.

I was suffocating.
Because when you left, you took all the air around me.

Tried to breathe.
It was hard but I found my way out.
I’m okay now.
Still feel stupid when I look back.
But it’s okay.

People told me “I told you.”
But, no.
I chose to remember everything as it was.
You were once a part of me.
A part that I love(d) dearly.


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