30 Millions Rupiah

30 millions rupiah is the amount of money that was stolen from my house this morning. For some, it may not be a huge deal. For me and my family, it is.

Very early in the morning today, around 5, I was awakened by my grandmother’s voice. She was hysterical because she couldn’t find her purse that she put on the table beside her bed. The whole house was awake and shocked. Because she said there is about 30 millions rupiah in the purse. About 20 millions is not hers, it was her coworker’s. She was holding the money to be delivered to her coworker’s but she got home late after work and felt very tired that she decided to deliver the money the next day. After all, the bank was already closed at that hour. Usually, she would keep the money in a safe inside her closet, but again she was too tired and immediately fell asleep.

Apparently, the thief broke a window and got in from there. Then he started to look around and found my purse that I left in the living room. He also took the money inside my wallet. Seeing I only got 50000 rupiah in my wallet, he looked for more. He entered my grandmother’s room–she was sleeping–and found the purse that contained 30 millions rupiah. He took all the money and left the purse outside our house.

She was in a terrible shock. All the money was gone. Hers and her coworker’s. And she began to cry. She said, “God, why is this happening? I worked so hard for that money…”

I was also shocked, and angry, and sad. My heart was broken when I saw her cried.

In my heart I was also saying, “God, are you really there? If you are, why did you let this happen?”

My grandmother is a kind woman, she never harms others, she earned every penny in her pocket, she works diligently everyday, gets home late almost every night and to see all the money went away from her like that is like seeing a bully takes a candy away from a smaller kid.

I know that the thief is the criminal in this story. But if god is the one who rolls the dice in the universe, indeed he could do something to prevent it from happening. But he let that happen anyway. So, for me, either god is a cruel joker or he is never there.

I don’t know what might happen to me for saying all these things. But right now I WANT JUSTICE.

Yes. 30 millions rupiah could be what it takes to make me lose faith.


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