The Diary of A Wimpy Chromosome

Couple of days ago, I was browsing the internet and I bumped into this article from the Discover magazine. I am always interested in the science of genetics and this article got my attention.

It is basically a story about the Y-chromosome, which is in a simple word, the chromosome that creates males. In short, this article crumbled the world of male chauvinism down. To start off, the fact shows that the size of Y chromosome is so small and while the X chromosome (chromosome that creates female) contains 2,500-5,000 genes, the Y only has 15.

X chromosome (left) and Y chromosome (right)

Humans have two chromosomes each that determine their gender. A female should have two X chromosomes (XX) and a male should have one Y and one X chromosomes (XY). Y is the chromosome that carries the male gene that will help creates testes instead of ovaries in males, and other organs related to male species of humans. And that’s all about the Y chromosome. There is no other function it possesses, because all the other genes that are useful for the body such as hormones, muscle buildings, blood clotting, and others are all possessed by the X chromosome. Without the X chromosome, and embryo cannot further develop and will automatically self-destruct.  To put simply, a “Y is necessary–but not sufficient–to make a male.”

Somehow the writer pointed out the advantage of being a male: to attract the female, so that they can get protection. Interesting, right?

At the end of this article, the writer pointed out how the Y chromosome is facing extinction and at some point in the history of humanity, it will totally vanish.

Maybe that’s why males are more aggressive than females, because they are the weaker of the human species? And that’s how they try to survive? Science has revealed many research about the male sperms and the Y-chromosome, all of them point out the biological weakness of the genes they carry.

I’m not being a mean feminist. No offense to every man out there. I’m just telling a scientific revelation.


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