If New York City is a guy, it would be the kind of guy, who you will be so crazy about, even you just meet him for a short time. You don’t really know what it will offer, but you just know that it can offer you adventure, and you’ll never get enough of him, because there’s just so much to be explored.

In front of the famous Grand Central Terminal


That’s how I feel about NYC. My short visit to the city that never sleeps has made me completely fall head over heels for this place. I like the way people move fast, and there’s just a lot of things going on in each corner of the street. All the tall buildings make people look tiny, but I enjoy that feeling. People you hear on the street speak languages from all over the world.

Not to mention, the Times Square. This is just the place where you can stand in the middle of the street, and take all the energy in, whether it is from the thousands–even billions–watts of lights, or from the people passing by.


One Winter Night at Times Square, NYC


They say everybody can be a New Yorker no matter where you came from. I’m in love with New York City. I’m missing it actually. Probably, because I’m now in this small slow-moving monotone city.


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