Definition of Beauty

Who am I to tell people the definition of beauty?

I am no artist. I have not traveled the world enough to tell you the meaning of beauty.

But one thing I’m sure of, there is no one uniform definition of beauty. It can be different for everyone, but that does not make something less beautiful than the other.

What leads me to write this post is the sad fact that I face in everyday life: people define beauty as white skin and thin body.

In this country, women are crazy about skin whitening products. They want their skin to be light, because they think that light skin is more beautiful than dark skin, thanks to the never ending campaign of skin products that promote this kind of view.

All the skin whitening products ads on tv say that, men will only be attracted to you if you have light and bright skin. That is like the BIGGEST LIE ever!

I really hope that many women out there are smart enough to know that they CAN be attractive not because of the color of their skin. Attractiveness comes from within, from your personality. Personality is what makes people stick with you, NOT your skin color–geez!

One Martin Luther King, Jr. once said you shouldn’t judge people “by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Same goes with the other little problem of how people define beauty as thin body.

I know it’s important to be healthy by maintaining your shape and weight, but that does not mean when you’re not thin like those models then you’re not beautiful. People can still be beautiful with curves. You only need to put on your confidence, because it is the best outfit you can really wear, and really, there is nothing sexy about bones.

What I really want to say is that each one of us is unique and we should embrace that uniqueness because that’s what makes us beautiful. If a man don’t like you because your skin is not white and your body is not thin, maybe you are just lucky, because only dogs go for bones, real men like those healthy sexy curves, and more importantly they are attracted to you because you have that spark of personality that defines your beauty.

You are beautiful, and let no one tells you otherwise.

Beautiful women from all around the world

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