More Than 140-Character

I was feeling bored and I realized that I haven’t changed my twitter bio for a while. It used to be like this:

“A child. A friend. A lover. A little more than what meets the eyes.”

I tried to change that into something new. Because I’m pretty sure that myself has changed quite a bit, and I’m sure a change in my bio is also in order.

But then I found it so difficult to find the right words that will fit 140 characters that really define me.

You know, people write different things on their bio. Whether it’d be their favorite stuffs, adjectives that define themselves, or their life motto (pshh). That turns my contemplation mode on.

I realize that I can be anything I want. I don’t want to be limited by 140 characters. People change. Sometimes that’s sad, but most of the times it’s for the good.

I am a lot of things. And people shouldn’t judge.

So that I came up with a new bio:

“It takes a second to know my name, a minute to remember my face, an hour to be friend with me and, a lifetime to know who I really am.”


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