What if the world ends tomorrow?

I was trying to have a break from doing my thesis when I found this movie online. I thought it was going to be a comedy movie because Steve Carell was starring, and I needed a little light entertainment to refresh my nearly fried brain.

But it turned out a drama instead of comedy. The story is about the world when it’s about to be crashed by a huge asteroid, and there is nothing anybody can do about it. So, basically the governments announce that the world is coming to an end and they only have 3 weeks left before impact and people start doing whatever they want to do since humanity is going to be wiped out.

Then it comes down to the story about a guy named Dodge (Steve Carell) who met Penny (Keira Knightley), and long story short they become close in the last three weeks of their existence.


I am not going to review the movie (If you’re looking for one, go find some expert movie reviewers, because clearly I am not), I am just going to write several questions that have been bugging me ever since I watched the movie.

First and the most important question is what am I going to do if the world is going to end in three weeks? Well, I don’t know, probably kill my self? Or fuck every guy on the street? Or making love with my boyfriend non-stop in three weeks? Go to Paris, do skydiving, punch someone in the face, walk around naked–basically, anything that crosses my mind, because the world is meeting the apocalypse.

Then a second question comes along: what happens after the world ends? Followed by is there really the afterlife? Or is there not? Is this really the end of everything?

The answers to that, I have no idea.

All I can do is playing the ‘what if’ game. And strangely, the first thing that comes up is, what if this is really the end of everything?

What if the world ends. Period. No afterworld or afterlife–nothing.

What if this world is just part of a random existence in this huge universe, and the earth really is just a tiny little dot that eventually will disappear?

What if the world ends and god is nowhere to be found? (Oh yeah, this question is my favorite, honestly. Because I can laugh at those people who like to fight in the name of their gods or religions, and it’s like throwing shit in their face and say: “look, you’ve been fighting for nothing. all. this. time.”)

To think of all these what-ifs, I realize that it’s just so cruel if all of those what-ifs that I made up are true. Don’t you think?

Yeah, because everything you do in your life will not make sense, like what is the point of being kind to people if we are all going to face the same fate?

Because everything you do in life will be meaningless, even for the most wonderful feeling you’d ever think: love, falling in love, being in love. It will mean nothing. At all.

You’re life basically is useless. But who would ever want to believe that they are useless? No one. Of course everyone of us wants to think that we’re here to serve a purpose. But the biggest nightmare is always haunting, though.

I know I am just kidding my self to actually even try to understand the universe.

But I just can’t help but wonder… what if?


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