Happy Birthday, Ivan

You turned 18, today.

By now, you would have probably been a handsome and attractive young man, every girl is dying to be with.

You probably would’ve brought your girlfriend to grandma and grandpa’s house and we would’ve celebrated your birthday together with our big family–or not.


You were like a little brother to me. You know I have always been an only child, and then when I was 4, I was told that I was going to have a cousin. I was so excited. And then we grew up, spending a lot of time together. Even though when we were little, most of the time we were fighting, punching, and yelling to each other. And we made up again.

If you were here, we would probably be watching a lot of football together. I know you loved football so much. And you would’ve probably become a football player.

Or you would’ve been in college by now and doing a lot of stuffs to enjoy the youth.

But I know you are in a happier place now.

I just want to say happy birthday, Van.

We miss you.

“In loving memory of cousin Ivan, November 11, 1994-January 4, 2010.”


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