This is not all there is

Last month I had my birthday. It was my 23rd birthday.

So, as usual people sent me texts, bbms, lines, tweets, wrote on my walls–well, facebook wall–and everything. They were mainly greetings and best wishes that I appreciated so much, just because these people actually made time to wish me a happy birthday, and those little wishes did make my day.

And then one good friend from my hometown bbm-ed me and said

“Happy birthday, chel. I don’t know what to wish for you, because it seems like you’ve got it all. Just all the best for you.”

I replied and said thank you. And smiled.

I don’t know why she thought I’ve got it all, but my guess is because I just graduated in May and got a job in June. Well, that is one milestone in one’s life that should be congratulated on. But no. I haven’t had it all.

It’s true I just finished my education and then I have a job that I like very much now, and not to mention I have someone really special with whom I can share all the joys and sorrows that I have through all the ups and downs of life, but to say that I already got it all is an overstatement.

As I have written in my previous post, I just entered a new chapter of my life. And there is an end in this chapter that I need to reach. After that end, there is also another chapter and another chapter and another chapter and more, until god says “this is the end.”

They say the sky is the limit. Why? Because there is actually no limit in the sky. You can go higher and higher and you’ll find no boundaries.

I see a lot of people my age who are in the same place as I am right now, they stop going higher because they think this is all there is. From my perspective, this is not all there is. The world is so big and waiting for us to discover it. My experience from traveling has shown me that I can’t stay still at where I am right now because there is thousands of wonderful different things out there wanting to be seen.

Don’t be mistaken when I say “traveling” because there are thousands of different ways for us to see the world. Find your own way and do it.

Start dreaming the craziest dreams possible. And when you open your eyes, start moving towards it. Make plans, work hard, put a lot of determination, until you have your dreams in your hands.

Dream big. Reach the sky.

It was impossible to put man on the moon.

It was impossible to fly.

Not anymore because people reach higher.

I know it sounds so cliche. But believe it’s true when a lot of people say “nothing is impossible.”

Steve Jobs

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