Unconditional Love

When I was little, I had this piggy bank that I loaded with coin money religiously. At early age, my parents taught me to save up so that I can buy things that I want. So, almost everyday, I would ask my mom to give me small changes in the form of coins, so that I could put it inside my bank. I really loved to do it just because I liked the sound of jangling coins when I shook the pig.

When the piggy bank was full, my dad broke it and we counted the money together. I don’t remember how much I saved up, but I remember that after we counted the money, my dad took me to a store and let me buy a lot of candies. 😀

I was sooooo happy at the time.

I can still picture the memory clearly in my mind when I held my dad’s big hand with my small hand, when we walked out of the store. I was around 3 or 4 years old I guess. That’s one of my favorite childhood memories.

Taken from http://theunichannel.blogspot.com/2013/01/touch.html

I wanted to tell this story because I realized that I’ve been taking my parents’ love for granted. I am an only child, so I have all the attention to myself. I guess it made me forget to be grateful for all the love I get from my parents.

When I think about it, parents are the only people who can and will give you unconditional love. They never asked for anything in return. In my case, literally nothing in return.

When I was still in school I promised to myself that I would buy my parents nice things when I have the money. Now I am working and I have the money and I want to buy them things, but they’d say that it’s unnecessary.

I remember my dad told me something that he also learned from his father. He said that, as parents it’s our duty to raise our children, but it’s not our right to keep them with us forever. And then he continued to say that, children will always find their own way, and parents have no choice but to let them be. Sometimes they go away, and we shouldn’t hold them back. Just know that someday they will come back and as parents, we’ll make sure that the door is always open for them.

“as parents it’s our duty to raise our children, but it’s not our right to keep them with us forever.”

I guess that’s how my parents coped with me going 3-hour-flight away for college.

There’s no place in the world, where you can find love that is so pure and so unconditional, other than in your parents’ arms.


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