Something that stays when people come and go: Paris

Eiffel Tower

There’s something about the city that just strikes me in a certain way. I have not seen much of the world, but in my traveling history, never before have I encountered a place that is so intriguingly beautiful. I know beauty is a thing too abstract that what I perceive as one might not be the same for others. Beauty is so intangible, that more often it’s about what I feel rather than what I see. Most of the time, beauty is so transfixing that my tongue can’t even seem to find a word to describe it. My limitation may not know how to say it, but my imagination knows that there’s something.

There’s something about how the leaves in the trees dance in the rhythm of the wind. I can almost hear the crisp sound when the leaves touched each other. Like they were blown by the wind of excitement and trying to whisper it to all the passers by.

There’s something about the hard stone walls that make up the buildings all around the city. It brings up the nostalgic feeling of I don’t know what, maybe just because it has the impression that it has been there for a long time, like it is keeping years of tales inside its walls.

There’s something about how the Seine reflects the lights when the night falls.

There’s something about the thousands of padlocks that are finding home among the bridges on the Seine river. It’s like each of the locks holds a love story and radiates it, that altogether it somehow brings out the feeling of hopefulness about finding your own true love.

There’s something about the lampadaire that is so particular.

There’s something about every melody coming out of the Accordion, the Saxophone, the Cello, the Harp, the Violin, and every other instruments played by the street performers. Every note seems to fill the air and it makes me feel like I am not only listening to but also breathing in the music.

There’s something so inviting in the narrow streets that seems to hide its most precious treasures.

There’s something about the Eiffel, especially when it lights up, that’s so profoundly mesmerizing. When it stands tall and is seen from everywhere in the city, as a constant reminder that you are in Paris, the city of light, the city of love.

There’s something that is able to instantly light up this little heart. Something gravitational. Something that’s pulling me back. Something that stays when people come and go.


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