Small is the new big

It’s not news when we hear people say “life is unfair.” It’s a fact that nobody in the world can deny. Some people are born rich, some are born poor. Some people are born lucky, some not so much. Some people have to work hard just to make ends meet, some people don’t have to work at all and they don’t have to worry about anything. Some other times, your hard work is credited to other people who don’t do anything. Some people throw food away because they are too full to finish it, some people dive in the trash to find food because they can’t afford it. Some people sleep in a warm and comfortable bed every night, some have to settle for the road side and build immunity from mosquitos and frostbites. The list goes on…

I think people have become too lazy to challenge the fact. “Life is unfair, deal with it” is now everyone’s life motto. The way we deal with the unfairness of life is what differentiates us, though. I can think of 2 ways that people do to deal with the injustice bastard that we call life. One, the apathetic and helpless way where people basically want to do nothing because they believe that it is just the way it is. Two, the optimistic way where people realize that life will always be unfair but surely there’s something we can do to make it less unfair.

This contemplation brought me to a sudden realization that most of my life, I have been the helpless type. I knew that life is never fair for everybody, but I had this belief that there’s nothing I could do to help make it better. It affected the way I viewed life and behaved in it.

Being the melancholy type of person that I am, it’s always between perfection or nothing. What it means is that if what I do don’t change the world then there’s no use of doing that. This is something that I honestly need help with.

At some point I just couldn’t live with all the BS anymore. It was not easy to ignore all the things that are going wrong around me. It bugged me every time I passed by the homeless guys every day and there is nothing I could do to help him. It bugged me so freakin’ much to see a child selling things when it’s dark when they’re supposed to stay at home, studying or sleeping. It bugged me more than anything to see bigotry became the excuse for people to discriminate.

It bugged me until it hurt. So hurt that it pushed me to act on my conscience.

Then I learn that a small thing for me can mean the world to somebody else. Some coins that means little to me, means a day meal for somebody else. A simple thank you to the taxi driver can make their day better. A box of lunch with food I don’t like, means another day survived for other people. An old t-shirt that I don’t use anymore because it’s outdated, means a warm good night sleep for them.

These are small actions that really makes a big impact, even though we don’t know it.

From then on, I deal with the unfairness of life in a different way. By trying to do something when things seem wrong. In a way I know how to make a difference in life: by giving what I can, no matter how small. Because small is the new big.


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