Making Peace with Your Yin and Yang

Dear you,

I believe in the Yin and Yang. I believe that there is good in even the most evil person, as well as there is evil in a good person. This is a belief that let me keep my faith and optimism in humanity and at the same time, it is a belief that causes my chronic trust issue. More importantly this is the belief that helps me empathize. With empathy, I am able to withhold quick judgment and give something or someone a second look–or second chance.

By empathizing, I learned to try to embrace every side of every person–the good and the bad–just the way they are. Because I know that I, too, have goodness and evil in myself. I am one of the people who are born with flaws. And I am trying to embrace all of them.

Constantly, I keep reminding myself to be kind no matter what. But I also know that there are times where I need to be tough and it can come across as rude or mean. People see what they see and think what they think, but I am not ashamed of that side of me. Nobody should be.

Don’t be ashamed of having flaws, weaknesses, or imperfections. The world will never accept you as who you are, it will only accept the parts that they like. But it is fine. Because as long as you accept yourself, nothing else matters.

Yours truly,


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