Candid Chronicles of 2014


I started out the year feeling indifferent. It’s the beginning of just another new year, and I thought “so what?”. This was the nth new year for me, and to me the new year didn’t feel so new at all…


We cross path with many people in our life. Some of them stay, some of them go, some of them leave a trail, or just a simple but lasting mark. It’s a bittersweet part of life.


Technology solves many ills of the world, but not that of the fragile heart of human. How do you channel an emotion that big, virtually?


Life always finds its way to surprise us–both in the most wonderful and awful way. Wonderful because it showed me that what I had always wanted was possible, and it gave me a little taste to what that must have been like. Awful because I couldn’t just have it right there and then.




Coming back from a trip like that, the environment felt suffocating, like I was trapped inside a wall and spreading my wings would hurt. Oh and I didn’t have the best birthday.


Turned out, this year had been a collection of turning points that taught me lots of things. Halfway through 2014, I learned, through many unpleasant ways, that I was the only person I could trust and rely on.


I learned to speak out my thoughts, because if I didn’t stupid people will. And I believe that everybody should find a bravery in themselves to speak the hell they want to, including the stupid ones. Because your right to speak might be taken away from you, if you don’t preserve it.


I didn’t execute my decision. I seemed like a good idea at the time. Well, how could I know?


Regret happened all the time. And it’s my least favorite feeling.


Took a bit of a time off to clear up my mind–before I finally did it. This was the month when I swore to never get wasted again, but the promise was short lived.


Last month of the year, a month that I couldn’t wait to be over. The month where I reached 100 and fell to 0 so quick.


“2014 gave me a tiny hope that promise nothing but a fleeting excitement. But I’ll take it with me, to go through 2015.”


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