Be Kind

Be kind to people, no matter who they are. Smile to strangers you meet on the street. Answer to those who are lost and looking for directions. You don’t know what battles they are facing behind their calm charades.

Be kind to the earth. It is your only home, as far as you know it. Clean up your litter, save and use clean energy, recycle, plant trees. Look at the trees–they help you breathe. Look at the soil–it keeps you grounded. Look at the water–imagine life without it.

Be kind to the animals. They help nurture our home and make it sustainable. They bring joy to us in the most authentic way.

But most importantly, be kind to yourself. There’s nobody else like you in this world. It’s not overrated when they say “you are unique”, because it’s true. Don’t let other people determine your worth. Don’t let your mistakes decide your future. Don’t let the society tell you what you can or cannot do.

When you can accept yourself for who you are, the world will too.


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