Day 3: Social Media Detox

4 days ago, I posted this screenshot of my note to my social media:



3 days ago, I deactivated all my social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Path.

These past three days have been weird. Facebook was always among the first sites that I went to, upon starting my browser. My muscle has been trained to do that. So, the first couple days, I’ve ended up in Facebook’s login page only to realize, I don’t have an account anymore.

I went out with couple of friends, where it’s only natural to take photos of our encounter and post it on our social medias. Now, I take photos for personal viewing only.

There were lightbulb moments, where I thought about something clever to post as my status. But since I don’t have social media to post statuses from, I just keep it to myself.

It’s a period of adjustments. I think I’m having withdrawal symptoms.

Hence, this blog post.



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