Day 16: Social Media Detox

It’s harder than I thought. And it’s not because I lack the willpower to do it, but it’s because my life has depended on it, more than I would have wanted to.

When I think about it, social media is not merely a place where I share with the world snippets of my life, my work, my views, and my occasional arbitrary venting. This has been a place where I get my news, connect with friends and families who live thousands of miles away, communicate, and work.

The last one is what makes it reeeally hard to be away from it. Especially with the latest development at work where there is now an addition to my responsibilities, which includes optimizing the use of social media for the organization that I work in.

With news and connections and communications, I can think of many other ways to still get them without social media. But with work, it’s just impossible when my job literally heavily involves constant scrutiny of social media.

Here is a hypothetical syllogism argument for my situation.

My work pays my bill, if I do my job properly.
I do my job properly, If I am on social media.
Therefore, my work pays my bill if I am on social media.

In short, 16 days going into social media detox, I have learned that I have come to a point where there is no turning back to living without social media.

Fully aware I am fighting a war I know I can’t win, it’s only a matter of time until the white flag flies up and my social media is back on.


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