Between Invincibility and Vulnerability

These two things seem to be mutually exclusive. But, are they?

Being invincible allows you to take control of your lives and sometimes others’. Someone who is invincible emanates respect, admiration, and often fear. Invincibility is power. It is survival 101. It also teaches you to be content and happy with you and just you. Invincibility compels you to find happiness from within, instead of from the obscure outside world that is the wild wild west. It is also the constant voice in your head that tells you “nothing is impossible”. That same voice might even manage to convince you that no one can hurt you. Invincibility protects you from the harsh world that is out there. It provides safety. By building walls. It makes you feel like you are on top of the world. But it’s lonely at the top. No one can hurt you up there. But have you heard that your biggest enemy is nobody but yourself?

Vulnerability is a nightmare for a control freak. Next level scary. It can feel like being forced naked in front of judgmental people. Vulnerability gives people access to hurt you, disappoint you, reject you, let you down. These are terrible feelings to have. Vulnerability can make you look weak. It prompts undervaluation. It’s not safe to be vulnerable–both physically and mentally. Although, it gives opportunity to reach the highest high of pursuing happiness. It gives opportunity to fall to the lowest low too. It whispers “go for it” despite knowing the risk. Vulnerability may break down walls. It lets people in. It creates worthwhile connections. The question is, how much disappointment and rejection can one endure?

Which one would you choose, if you can only choose one? Or if you can’t choose one, where in the invincibility-vulnerability spectrum do you lie?  Can’t we be invincible and at the same time choosing carefully whoever is worth being vulnerable with? Or aren’t we building up our capability for invincibility in the act of being vulnerable?

Do you actually come here looking for answers?


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