About Me

A proud millennial, born and raised in Indonesia, working in the public service sector, hoping to make a small dent of goodness in the seemingly random and cruel universe.

An extroverted introvert: I like hanging out with people when I am in a break from my me time (which is most of the time). Solitude is my remedy and I find solace in a quiet fortitude.

I love genuine and thoughtful things, and also genuine and thoughtful people.

Not so good at small talk. So, better tell me your passion, your deepest darkest desires, your dreams, your aspirations–bare me your soul when we meet. I’d rather have too much information than talk about the weather for the thousandth time.

You will find in this blog tons of unsorted, unredacted extracts of thoughts that clears up the mud in my water, the chaos among my thousand musings, the constant storm behind the calm facade.

These candid chronicles are a peek behind the curtain of a perpetual translucent wall, where I write louder than I speak.


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